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Photorealism - Unbelievable, but these are no photos, these are super realistic looking oil paintings by the American artist Doug Bloodworth

i will never attempt to paint or draw again

Well I feel inadequate… 

Holy Jesus fuck

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my life plan is to one day be walking down the street and run into my favorite actor and pretend i don’t know who they are and act like i don’t run a blog dedicated to their existence and start a normal conversation and then they will think “wow she’s pretty cool and she’s not a crazed fan i’m going to ask her out for dinner” and then 5 years after we’re married i’ll say 

i knew you were an actor

i knew

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you really learn to appreciate life that first day after your period is over

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Casual reminder that our OTP hasn’t even kissed yet and they have a baby.

Saint Mary reborn = Maura Isles.

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